This Plugin Generates Amazon Commissions On Auto Pilot!

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate free traffic these days. Google loves WordPress blogs and with very little effort you can easily rank high and get loads of traffic to your blogs.

But as you have probably discovered already… Converting your visitors into clicks, leads and sales can be extremely hard.

You can have thousands of visitors to your blog. But if nobody buys anything, that’s just another pretty number.

The main reason monetizing a blog is so hard is a phenomenon called “ad blindness”…

Internet users are savvy these days. They visits lots of sites on a daily basis and they have seen all the “tricks” already. They also tend to get annoyed when you put ads in front of them, especially if the ads prevent them from consuming your content.

Generally your visitors have become really good at separating your content from your ads – and unfortunately for you, ignoring the latter.

But now there’s finally a way to grab your visitor’s attention and have your blogs generate Amazon affiliate commissions on complete auto pilot, with our new Covert Context plugin!

Here’s how it works… Try moving your mouse over one of the highlighted words in the sentence below:

Two of our very good internet marketing friends Brad Gosse & Mark Lyford have both published their own books. Both the Chronic Marketer from Brad and Rebel Entrepreneur by Mark are available from Amazon.

As you can see our new Covert Context plugin, combats ad blindness by serving contextually relevant ads in your content and in a way people wouldn’t instantly dismiss as ads – And you would of course earn an Amazon commission every time someone buys a product from one of your Covert Context ads.

Click on the banner below to watch the demo video of Covert Context and discover how you can put these ads on your blog and start earning unlimited Amazon commissions today.

How To Create Your Own Cartoon Mascots In 3 Simple Steps With

The girls from MarketinGene, Leah Butler-Smith and Jovana Sumar have just released a brand new software product and I’m super excited about this, because it is super powerful yet very simple to use.

The new software, as the name suggests, is a tool that will easily let you create your own great looking cartoon mascots. This is great because mascots really do make a huge difference to your conversion rates and reader engagement (click here to read more about why using Mascots is essential to your business).

The bad news (for me at least) is that creating your own mascots and graphics is insanely hard. I personally can’t draw a straight line in MS Paint without breaking both the line and MS Paint! :)

So I have always had to resort to outsourcing graphic design, which can be both costly but also a real headache as finding reliable and good designers that will deliver on time is hard.

But now with I can create great looking and high converting cartoon mascots in seconds – and they look just as great (or better) than professionally designed mascots.

I highly recommend that you check out today as it will no doubt be an invaluable tool in your business too.

But for now, let me just show you how easy it is to create a great looking mascot in just 3 simple steps…

Step 1: Select Which Mascot Kit (Template) You Want To Use…


You get instant access to these 5 mascot kits when you join today! Simply choose which one you want to work with and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Point & Click To Easily Customize Your Mascot…

Pulse Mascot

Customize your mascot in any way you like. The simple point and click system lets you easily replace/add/delete elements. You can even select background color/image and add your own logo/watermark.

Step 3: Save & Export Your New Mascot…


When you are done you simply click on the “create” button and your new mascot will automatically be saved and exported, ready for you to use – it could not be more simple!

And you can do this as many times as you want. Between the 5 kits you get today, there are literally millions of different combinations.

I highly recommend that you click the link below to watch the demo video, so you can see just how easy this is, and get some great ideas on how these cute little mascots will help you make a whole lot more money this year.

Click Here To Watch The Demo Video Now!

Pulse Hover Bonus & Demo

Here’s a brief demo of the new PulseHover plugin in action. This powerful new plugin was created by the MarketinGene girls aka Leah Butler-Smith and Jovana Sumar. You can visit the page now to watch the full demo video of PulseHover in action!

In a nutshell PulseHover can place a hover overlay over all (or individual) images on your blog. This is great because, as you will see below, the hover effect really gets your attention. And with the all too common banner/button blindness, getting people’s attention is half the battle won.

In this hover effect you can then have social sharing buttons for all the major social networks. This works really well, as images are the number form of shared content on social media.

Go ahead and hover your mouse over this image to see an example…


As you can see those social sharing buttons really grab your attention – and since they are on an image (the most shared content online) you social sharing and traffic will go through the roof.

But PulseHover is not limited to social sharing – as you will see in the examples below you can also hover buttons (that you can link to anything you like). And you can hover banners linking to affiliate or your own products.

No matter how you use PulseHover though, it is guaranteed to grab your visitor’s attention as it is something they have never seen before – and it will increase your social shares, clicks, traffic and sales.

We highly recommend that you grab a copy of PulseHover today! In fact we recommend it so highly, that we have decided to put together an awesome bonus package for you.

If you order PulseHover from this page today – you will get free instant access to…

Bonus 1: 21,000+ Royalty Free Graphics


These graphics are perfect for using along with PulseHover. Both as banners, buttons and icons. But also as images on your blogs (to add the hover effects to).

Bonus 2: 10 Custom Social Sharing Icon Sets


Perfect for further customizing the social sharing options in PulseHover

How To Claim Your Bonus…

Your exclusive PulseHover graphics bonus will be automatically delivered inside your JVZoo download area – if you grab a copy of PulseHover from the link below.

Click Here To Order Your Copy Of PulseHover
(And Secure Free Access To Your Exclusive Graphics Bonus)

IMPORTANT: If you still see the order button on the PulseHover site then you can still get our bonus BUT you MUST see affiliate ID 2087 at the bottom of your checkout page (see below)

If you see that you can go ahead and order… Your bonus will be automatically delivered inside JVZoo along with your PulseHover access link (no need to claim your bonus, you get it instantly!)


Click Here To Order Your Copy Of PulseHover
(And Secure Free Access To Your Exclusive Graphics Bonus)

The World’s First Intelligent, Self Optimizing Affiliate Store Theme

Would you rather…

Build an affiliate site completely blind, guessing what your visitors would want to buy? …OR use the a self optimizing theme that automatically updates in real time and always shows the most popular products first?

Hopefully you picked the last option,as that is the one that will maximize your commissions and make you the most money – And that is just what the new Covert Store Builder theme does.

Covert Store Builder is the world’s first intelligent, self optimizing affiliate store theme for WordPress. It turns your blog into a fully fledged affiliate store – complete with features normally reserved for the million dollar ecommerce sites.

And not only does it works flawlessly – the theme look great too…

On top of that Covert Store Builder comes with full social media integration helping you attract free traffic to your new affiliate stores from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn on autopilot!

Covert Store Builder will help you rake in Amazon commissions almost on complete autopilot. Speaking of Amazon, I knew they were big big, but I had no idea they were this big…

Did you know that:

  • One average Amazon generates $117,882.00 in revenue every single minute
  • Amazon has 183 million products, enough to stock 1,290 WAL-MART Super Centers
  • Amazon has 152 million user accounts, and gets 80 million unique visitors per month

It’s not just big – it’s freakin’ huge!

But Covert Store Builder is much more than just an Amazon affiliate theme. It works with both eBay and Commission Junction – with many more modules to come. And if you grab a copy of Covert Store Builder today you’ll qualify for free lifetime updates.

Click the banner below to watch the demo video now – and see everything the Covert Store Builder theme can do for you today!

Here’s the First Step To Creating A Cash Pulling Sales Letter

In the last post I talked about how using Covert Geo Targeter to add a single word to your blog posts can triple your conversion rates.

Words can be really powerful and being able to write good copy for your blogs, emails and sales letters is a skill that will literally pay the bills.

Thankfully writing copy is not some mystical voodoo thing reserved for the initiated. It’s actually a quite formulaic skill that can be learned – and you’re already a master persuasion artist!

Think back to when you were a kid…

You wanted something from your folks. Maybe you wanted to borrow the car. Or perhaps you wanted to go somewhere that you knew they wouldn’t be thrilled about. Either way, you probably didn’t just come right out and ask for what you wanted, did you?


You spent some time in your room, mulling over the right away to convince your folks to your way of thinking. You came up with your arguments. And you thought about the best way to approach the individuals you needed to speak to.

See, even at that tender age you already knew quite a bit about persuasion. You knew you needed to construct your request just right in order to get a positive response. And what’s more, you tweaked your message depending on whom you were talking to.

Now you can take those same skills, polish them and apply them to your sales materials to create high response ads and letters!

Just as when you were a kid and you needed to create a custom-tailored argument, your first step in creating a good sales letter is to get inside your prospects’ heads in order to truly understand what motivates them. Once you do this, you can create a custom-tailored sales letter that speaks directly to their needs, wants and fears.

How do you do this?

Simple: You need to become a part of your target market – or at least spend some time with your market.

For example: If you’re selling to people who live in RVs, then rent an RV and live in an RV park for a week. If you’re selling to golfers, take up golf so that you can talk to other golfers. If you’re selling to college students, spend a lot of time on your local college campus.

Now, I realize this isn’t always possible. For example, if you’re a male trying to sell a product to women who do yoga, then you probably can’t join a female-only yoga class.

However, you CAN go online and join any number of social networks, forums and blogs to eavesdrop on your target market. Read the archives on these sites. Look for patterns, such as discussion points that come up repeatedly. Take note of which topics (and their associated emotions) create flaming-hot discussions. And, whenever possible, join the discussion and ask your own questions.

You see, until you actually become a part of your market (or at least immerse yourself in it), you’re just guessing about what motivates your market. And so any sales letter you create will fall flat. But once you know how to get inside your prospects’ head – and once you know how to stir their emotions – you’ll be well on your way to creating a high response sales letter.

Of course that’s just the beginning. Your next step is to take what you know about your prospects and plug it into the proven, time-tested copy writing formula – the same formula the world’s best copywriters use every day to turn out cash pulling sales letters. And now you can get your hands on this formula for free by clicking here now!

Go here to claim your free Silver Membership at Power Copy Club (normally $27.00) – Just Use This Special Link For Free Access!