What Is The Most Effective Ad You Can Put On Your Blogs?

You might be using one of our themes like Covert Social Press, Covert Video Press or Covert PinPress – or any other WordPress theme for that matter (like the fairly standard one I’m using here).

Whatever you are using you are probably wondering what the most effective way of monetizing your WordPress blogs is. Our themes are great for easily building nice looking sites with good content, and for getting tons of social traffic to your blogs.

But at the end of the day we are all marketers – and our goal is to make money from our blogs – after all there is little point in getting thousands of visitors if none of them click on, or buy anything from your blog.

So what are the most effective ads you can put on your blogs?

I already know the answer – so this post is a little experiment to see if you can spot it too.

You will notice that I have the standard banner ads on my sidebar (like most bloggers do). They do get clicks… but the clicks are few and far between.

Most people have simply gone banner blind – they expect to see ads on your sidebar and their mind simple shuts them out. That’s why so many people fail miserably at making money from their blogs – they only user banner ads that quite frankly belongs in a decade long past.

On the other hand…

Very likely the first ad you noticed here on this blog was the “Facebook Messenger” chat that is dancing up and down to your right (and played a sound when it appeared the first time).

That is because we have all been so conditioned to respond when someone sends us an IM message. It draws our eyes straight away and we read the message.

In terms of advertising that is half the battle won already!

We do some work in the dating niche too and this is a technique those guys have been using for years – their best converting ads are “messenger ads”

We simply took the strategy with us into internet marketing (and other niches), because we had a hunch that these messenger ads would out perform anything else there too.

And they did… by miles… Messenger ads are by far the most effective ads you can put on your blogs in any niche simply because they get attention immediately and almost forces people to read the message and click on them.

With our Covert Messenger plugin you can easily add these messenger ads on your own WordPress blogs and it’s the perfect strategy for monetizing the sites you have built using any of our Covert themes.

You may also happen to have noticed the pop-up blocker style ad appearing at the top of this blog. For some people that is the first they notice (you may be one of them).

That bar is made with our Covert Action Bar plugin and it’s generally the second most effective ad to put on your blog (after the messenger ones) – But in some cases it actually it the most effective and I discuss why in this post “Why Pop Up Blockers Were The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Pop Up Advertisers!

As you can see on this blog – you can use both plugins on the same blog. And you can configure them so that the messenger ads only show on some pages while the action bar shows on others.

But for now click on the banner below (or the messenger ad to the right) to check out Covert Messenger and see what it can to for your blog – and more importantly for your bank account!

18 thoughts on “What Is The Most Effective Ad You Can Put On Your Blogs?”

  1. Hello,
    I must say, I have the Covert Action Bar Pro
    plugin..on my blog and it’s great! Love how you can have more than one ad going on different post..It’s a great product.

    1. Hey Ron – it does come with timers for when to…

      – Show it (in seconds)
      – Hide it (in seconds)
      – Reshow it (in seconds)
      – and how many days to hide it before showing it again

    1. Hey Ian – our own testing shows that Covert Messenger works great in any niche. It will get their attention and clicks. Whether it will convert or not is down to what you write on the ads and what you link to.

  2. Great plugin but can be annoying if used to much and someone is spending some time on your site.

  3. Love the popup but if you are reading a long article, it does wear a bit thin. Can you set a duration for so many popups or can you change the article so you have 10 or one ad and then it changes to something else? Love all your products. thank you Esther

  4. Hi, I do really like the covert messenger and covert action plugins on the computer and I bet they work really well, can be a little annoying on the mobile phone covering alot of the screen.

  5. Wow, it really gets attention very fast that it made me click before even finish reading the article. Bough the PinPress theme on the launch day time to put up couple sites probably with this plugins as well.

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