The Best Way To Use Youtube With WordPress

Video is becoming increasingly important online. With broadband speeds going up all around the world more and more people are preferring video as their content format of choice – Both for recreational and educational use.

Just take a look at these jaw dropping stats from Youtube…

This was the reason why we developed our Covert Video Press theme – and the popularity of video is reflected in the fact that it’s still our all time best seller among all our WordPress Themes & Plugins.

You could upload videos to Youtube as part of your marketing strategy (and you should).

But there are some problems…

  • You have to create your own videos – which takes a lot of time and quite frankly can be a huge pain in the butt.
  • You are competing with the other 800,000 videos uploaded the same day as your video – and if you don’t have your own traffic to bring to the mix you are going to be one of the many videos stuck on 10 views (9 of them your own).
  • Every video you upload is just building up Youtube/Google’s content portfolio and real estate – and the end of the day they are the ones profiting from your hard work.
  • If you’re lucky (and that is a big “if”), you might get invited to their partner program so you can earn a few pennies from Adsense.

Now I’m not knocking Youtube as a marketing platform – it has it’s uses

But there is a better way!

A way to turn the tables and make Youtube and Google do the hard work for you – while you stay in control and reap all the benefits!

So even though it does not make sense to try and compete directly with Youtube

Making your site look, feel and work like Youtube and feeding off all their content does make a lot of sense!

As you already know we do most of our stuff on WordPress – so we naturally set out to create a theme that would do just that…

  • Mimic Youtube and other big video sites, and serve up videos in the highly addictive tube format, well known and loved by billions of people around the world.
  • Legally piggy back of other people’s work and let you build huge video sites without ever creating a single video yourself.
  • Stay in complete control over what content is being showed on your site – and more importantly over the ads… with you pocketing 100% of the revenue instead of sharing the scraps from the big Google table.

And after 3 months of hard work and endless testing – the result was our Covert Video Press theme.

We tested it on our own sites and the results where through the roof!

And now you can cash in on the video craze too – just click the banner below to see everything Covert Video Press can do for you…

17 thoughts on “The Best Way To Use Youtube With WordPress”

    1. You can if you grab the Covert Video Content plugin – which is an optional upgrade to the theme

  1. I am using CovertVideoPress since Feb 2013 in different niches and it is amazing how it works!!
    Do you run a user-forum or something like that to discuss experiences, issues or suggestions for further improvements of the theme?

  2. I must say, This sounds great! I have your Covert Action Bar & I love it..As always, you guys put out great products..I’m sure this one is just as great. I’m
    just getting into video so I’ll keep you guys in mind.

    Thanks, for all the great products…

  3. I got covert video press theme last year and loved it . Just got the covert store builder and concentrated on 1 niche . The first one( ) has had over 3500 visits in 2 weeks- no paid marketing , just seo, social media, optimization built in the site and some other little tricks. IMWealth buider definately my favourite geeky guys , especially Soren’s video tutorials LOL highly recommend to all

  4. I tried to find sample links of Covert Video Press sites, could you perhaps show us some sample sites?

  5. I bought this theme when it first came out, and I have to say that I have never been happier! I already have several video sites up, and all created and populated with ease by using Covert Video Press. Thanks guys, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!

  6. Awesome Plugging, I used it to build a politics blog. Just need to update it regularly, which I will do soon as soon as I finished my other blog.

  7. Looks like a great product! Is Covert Video Press a responsive theme? If it is, then I’m definitely in!

  8. I have a number of sites using this theme..and truly the ease of niche customization is awesome. If you know seo, it will be great to also silo your site, then choose great keywords to find and title your videos. Yes, there is a need to edit or optimize the video posts’ title, description, body to make it more unique on the search engines. Having a youtube video on your site will help reduce bounce rate, make your posts more engaging, and increase viral traffic. One thing ive observed in Google search though, it favors videos on top on plain posts in its search results. Most, if not all, of these videos are linked back to youtube though. So…though my posts have other people’s videos embedded in them, mostly sourced via relevance, it still is indexed in the search engines based on the on-site seo done to it. Rarely have i seen though, a post rank higher than a video post. So it is still advisable to come up with one’s own ranking youtube videos, which can potentially point folks to your customized covert video site by using the youtube description box. Your youtube vids wl rank in the search, point visitors back to your youtube video/channel…then invite folks to visit your covert video blogsite. For me, i have to use extra plugins to compensate this aspect. All things said, covert video press pricepoint and hosting requirement is way better than competition. Kuddos guys!

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