About Us

Our company, IM Wealth Builders (The Internet Marketing Wealth Builders) is a company owned and operated by Soren Jordansen & John Merrick.

The company was founded in October 2009 and primarily creates software and information products for small to medium online businesses and for independent internet marketers and affiliates.

About The Owners

Soren Jordansen is a Danish citizen who has been living in Peyia on sunny Cyprus since early 2010. Soren is a former officer in the Danish army, who started his internet marketing career in 2004 – first as an affiliate, but he very soon started developing his own products and membership sites. He quit his job in the army in mid 2006 to focus entirely on his internet marketing business, and as he says “writing copy is a lot safer than getting shot at!” Soren is the company wordsmith, in charge of copy writing, email marketing, and with coming up with a billion weird ideas to annoy the other two owners.

Bristolian (UK) boy John Merrick has also left the damp home climate and has been living in Peyia, Cyprus since 2010. John used to hold a senior programming position with Hewlett Packard in England and he has been churning out code since the long gone days of the punch card. John got started in internet marketing back in 2000, first as a programmer for hire – but soon as the creator and owner of his own sites and products. John & Soren met in 2006 and teamed up to produce sites and product together and have been doing so ever since. John is obviously the company’s head programmer – and legend has it that if you give him a Guinness and an Amstrad he could code his way out of a North Korean prison!

You can contact IM Wealth Builders Ltd. and/or the individual owners via the support desk at www.sjcsupport.com