ChromEngage Review – Automated leads and free traffic software

When I sat down to use ChromEngage, I really didn’t know what to expect from it. I’d used quite a few online app builders before but this was something quite different… I just didn’t know what to expect.

Well, I can definitely tell you I was impressed. Since Chrome extensions are by their nature simple, this software follows the same recipe. It’s simple, easy to learn and best of all you can make your first extension and have it in the Chrome Store within 5 minutes. I kid you not.

The dashboard is simple enough. Buttons to the right, buttons below and a splash that gets you going right away. The tutorial is a breeze, and takes about 10-15 minutes to finish.

It’s also a quick online tool. Too many tools I’ve used in the past are clunky and take way too long to load. That’s not the case with ChromEngage. It’s the cleanest, fastest online tool builder I;ve come across in a long time.

That’s not surprising, seeing as it does one simple thing, very very well.

Which is what you should be doing. Make simple things. Make them quickly. Rinse, repeat and profit.

You can easily use misspellings of popular words. The development team of ChromEngage did this with their experimental extension Dizign, which is a popular misspelling of “design”. It’s now ranking number one on Google for that specific search term. I don’t need to tell you how profitable that is, right? Imagine doing that for your niche. Instant Google love.

Mmmm, the joy.

Of course, that’s not the only thing you can use it for. Turn your website into an extension so people have easier access to your specific niche shop. Have an extension that sends a random quote everyday just to keep people on their toes.

You have to realize that people have been conditioned to take browser pop ups a lot more seriously than notifications from their phones, alerts from their emails and such. That gives you immense power of people that you can turn into cash.

The only problem I found was that the sound in the tutorials is a little off, but they are still usable and once you view them once and make your first extension, you’ll never have to listen to them again.

So I fully recommend ChromEngage (if you are actually going to use it, and if not why the hell not?!) for anyone who wants to make sure they are getting traction online.

You can see it for yourself =>

One Simple Trick To Make Your Content King

Want to make sure your content is selling, rather than boring, your customers?
You need to stop using weak words in your copy. The more you use these words, the worse your content will be. Simple.

When you watch a commercial for protein shakes or gym, do they use small, weak people with no muscles?


So why do you want small, weak words with no muscles in your copy?

Don’t have time to remember all these words? Then go for the simple, easy and free solution.

Download Chrome.

Install JustNotSorry and it will highlight all those weak words that are stopping your content from having the muscles to sell to your leads.

Go on, click the link. Don’t be afraid. Be strong.

Whip that content into shape and see your profits rise.

3 Free Chrome Extensions everyone should have

When you work in online marketing, you need to be involved 100%. If you’re not, you’ll get left behind.

Which is why using the right browser is crucial. You might be more comfortable with Firefox or just hate changing the default Microsoft/Apple browser but you will never, ever get anything better than Chrome.

“Isn’t Chrome really slow though?”

Nope, it isn’t. Once upon a time it was, but now it is the leanest, meanest and most useful browser out there – and don’t let anyone tell you any different. The beauty of Chrome is that more people use it than anything else – which mean all the best extension and plug-in will be made for Chrome.

Not Firefox.

Not Explorer.

Not Safari.

Not Edge.

So what are these “amazing” plug-ins that you absolutely can’t live without?

1. Startafire – Simply amazing. It puts your website’s badge in any link you share to Facebook. When you’re online, you should be thinking about how to involve your customers all the time and if you find relevant content on other sites… use it! Then push them to yours and profit.

2. Twitter Follower – Twitter is awesome for marketing, and this nifty little tool allows you to automatically follow everyone that an authority in your niche follows. It’s an excellent way to build interest and scope out new leads.

3. LinkClump – Forget all those expensive keyword tools people offer. If you’re ever low on good keywords and are just browsing sites then turn this on and get inspired! The amount of information this little plug-in provides will make sure you are always on top of your game.

Those are the three Chrome extension everyone who even thinks about making money online should have. Every. Single. Person. Should have them.

Are you using any of them?

Let us know how they have helped you grow your business!

Why Thinking Outside The Box Is Bad

Everyone says “think outside the box” but does that actually mean anything?

Almost half the people selling to you will tell you to think outside the box, that is how they “got rich quick” and it kinda makes sense you know.

However, there is one big secret they never tell you – and it’s that they knew the standard way of doing things in and out. They were masters of the mundane before they were able to see outside their little box.

So the next time someone tries to sell you something and tells you that it’s “out of the box thinking” remember that they have used and abused the system before they became willing to tell you about it. They are selling you the new box.

You need to be able to see outside it.

Why (graphics) Beauty Gives You A Second Chance

You know what makes me drop a website almost immediately?

I’ll tell you… it’s the graphics. If the graphics are ugly, then I close the page. If the graphics take too long to load, I close the page. If the graphics are different from the branding of the site…

You guessed it. I close the page.

The term “beauty is only skin deep” definitely does not apply to the graphic design of your website. Your pictures need to look beautiful to the human eye and need to be beautiful (small, standardized) for modern browsers.

They also need to be modern. New is beautiful on the internet – so if you don’t have some trick that’s been used recently then your graphics are ugly to almost anyone who visits your website.

So what can you do?

Well, the time honored tradition is to learn Photoshop. Which is expensive (the package itself and any courses you might find), time consuming and honestly, it’s only really good for people who rely on graphics design for their primary income.

What people like us need is a simple, quick solution that offers not only small, high quality pictures and graphics but that allows us to do it quickly. Ourselves. Right?

There are lots of programs that offer convenience and tools, but it’s a jungle out there and most of them lack a lot of the critical features that modern internet marketers really need.

So, with that in mind… we’re preparing a list of the best and most modern tools to help your website get a second chance; because as Pete Rose said “If somebody is gracious enough to give me a second chance, I won’t need a third.”

And with beautiful graphics, neither will you.