Here’s The BEST Time To Send An Email To Your List

In the previous post How To Easily Build A Profitable List From Your Blogs I discussed how you can start building a list of email subscribers from your blog.

In this post we’re going to take a look at how you can make more money from your email marketing campaigns…

And if there’s one thing every email marketer wants to know, it’s the answer to this question: “When is the best time to send an email?” By the time you finish this article, you’ll finally know the answer.

You see, it’s pretty obvious why this question gets asked so often. If we email marketers know when our audience is sitting at their computers, then there’s a better chance that they’ll see our emails. If they see it, they might open it, click on our links, take out their credit cards and buy our stuff.

And so email marketers try to find the “sweet” spot: That point when the recipient’s email inbox is fairly empty, so your email will be easy to spot. Maybe you want to find a time of the day when the recipient has a few minutes to spare. Perhaps you look for a day of the week when it’s likely our subscribers are sitting at their computers.

But for the most part, it’s guesswork. And just guessing the best time to send an email doesn’t put money in your bank accounts.

If you want to be certain about the best time to send an email, then you need to follow this simple two-step system…

Step #1: Find out when most of your readers are online.

Don’t guess! Instead, go to your traffic logs. Find out when your website is the busiest. And in particular, find out when most of the people on your list joined your list. If you can find a pattern where they joined on a particular day and approximate time range, then that is probably the best time to send an email.

TIP: If you have a global audience, then people who sign up for your list on their lunch break in London is a completely different time then those who are joining during lunch time in San Francisco. If you use a service like Aweber, you can segment your list by region, which allows you to more easily send emails to a global audience. Aweber will also allow you to send out your follow up emails only at specific times relative to each individual subscribers time zone (I highly recommend doing this).

Once you’ve determined when most of your audience is online, you can start sending emails out at that time. But don’t forget about Step #2…

Step #2: Track and test your results!

Just because your traffic logs and autoresponder statistics suggest that most people joined on their lunch break doesn’t mean noon is the best time to send an email. Instead, you may find that your list is most responsive late at night, after their home from work and the family is asleep. Or you may find that they’re most responsive to your offers first thing in the morning.

Point is, finding out when your audience is online serves as a starting point. But ultimately, you need to test your list to find out when they’re most responsive. That means creating identical emails, splitting your list, and sending your emails out at different times of the day (and even different days).

In short: Let your subscribers vote with their wallets. Tracking and testing is the only way to know for sure when your list is the most eager to respond to your offer.


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How To Easily Build A Profitable List From Your Blogs

The money is in the list! …I know that saying is bordering on cliché – everyone tells you to build a list.

But they do it for good reason. Building a list of email subscribers really is the most important and profitable thing internet marketers can do in virtually any niche.

Now there are several ways you can use your blogs to build a list. The standard method is to just have an opt-in form on your sidebar much like I do on this blog.

Our Covert Social Press theme has an inbuilt function to serve an unobtrusive pop-under ad when someone clicks on something – and that’s a great way to show them a squeeze page.

There are tons of list building plugins for WordPress out there too, ranging from adding an opt-in form at the bottom of your posts, to showing fancy light box pop-up squeeze pages. Our own Covert Messenger and Covert Action Bar plugins are great for getting people to click on something – and it would be a very good strategy to send them to a squeeze page.

However, all of that is really just methods of displaying your opt-in form – important yes – but only one small step towards getting people to opt-in.

There are 3 additional critical components you need in order to successfully build a list from your blogs.

#1 – You Need An Enticing Offer

In order to get people to part with their email address and join your newsletter. You need to offer them something in return. Usually this means an “ethical bribe” in the form of some free content (report, videos, downloads etc.)

This also has to be well suited to your blogs audience. Offering a report on SEO to people who are reading articles about knitting won’t do you any good. That’s why we usually advocate building many niche blogs instead of one general topic one (at least if your aim is list building and affiliate marketing)

#2 – You Need A Good Looking Squeeze Page That Converts

Even if you have the best offer ever laser targeted to your audience. It still won’t work if your squeeze page fails to convince them that is the case. You need a professional looking squeeze page that both inspires confidence in the viewer and makes them want what you have to offer.

#3 – You Need A Follow Up Series That Convert Subscribers Into Customers

This of course is the whole point of list building in the first place. When people opt-in you need to a follow up email series in place and it needs to do 3 things; deliver your freebie, build a relationship with your subscribers and most importantly convert them into paying customers.

While getting your opt-in form or squeeze page on your blog in some form is pretty easy. Completing the 3 crucial steps above can be a bit hard, especially if you don’t know how.

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