The Secret To Getting Thousands Of Facebook Shares & Likes

And actually this is not really a secret… it’s more a matter of observation.

If you were to log in to your Facebook account right now and scroll down your timeline – you will quickly realize that the vast majority of what your friends are posting, sharing and liking are images.

Images are by far the most shared form of content on Facebook – beating video and text posts by miles. This is why Instagram became so popular… and the reason Facebook pulled out the big wallet to buy them

The popularity of images in social media is also seen in the meteoric rise of Pinterest – and that’s what led us to develop our Covert PinPress theme.

It’s designed to make your WordPress blog look, feel and work exactly like Pinterest.

And since Pinterest has already conditioned millions of users on what to expect, and more importantly do, when they hit a site like that – Your visitors will started repinning, liking, sharing and commenting like crazy – sending even more traffic to your site.

Covert PinPress will also let your visitors re-pin your posts on Pinterest itself – and share/like them on Facebook. And of course this will be image based post, exactly the kind that are most likely to go viral on social media.

Now of course I couldn’t write about the importance of images in social media without including one of my own. So here’s one from one of out others blogs running on the Covert PinPress theme…

Click on the banner below to watch the demo video and see how the the Covert PinPress theme works and what it can do for your blog and social media campaigns.

4 thoughts on “The Secret To Getting Thousands Of Facebook Shares & Likes”

  1. Big fan of your themes but the two I have are keeping me very busy. I have the covert store builder and covert social press and both are humming with user activity in less than a month so I’m sure this theme will do very well too. I would highly recommend this for people who want to build their social media footprint.

    1. Humming with user activity … that is sweet music to my ears – thanks for the feedback 🙂

  2. Congratulations to the team on the covert store builder and covert store content.

    At last a theme that genuinely creates an attractive store front for affiliate amazon products.

    If you will allow – please can I show off my site on your theme?

    I use and am also a big fan of covert messenger and covert geo (although yet to add it to this site)

    I also use covert social press and covert pin press on about 100 sites- they are by far the sites that get the most traffic.

    Please keep up the good work.

    If you are new to the work of IM Wealth builders – relax – by far the creators of the best WordPress themes and plugins. I only ever buy their work and I buy everything they make.

    1. Great looking covert store, Martyn! I own the store builder theme and now I am totally inspired to start building my store. Thanks for sharing your store here.

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