Three Proven Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog, Fast!

You can have the best product or service in the world. You can have a killer blog that could sell a pint of whiskey to a nun. But if you don’t have any prospects seeing your blog, you won’t make a cent.

That’s why we marketers spend so much time, effort and money trying to put our blogs and offers in front of targeted leads. But it doesn’t have to be that hard… not when you know which marketing methods work best for driving a lot of traffic.

Here are three proven tactics you can start using today…

#1: Social Media Marketing

Savvy marketers know that social media marketing is still in its infancy – and it’s set to explode in the coming years! Those who set up their social marketing campaigns now are the ones who will benefit the most in the future.

That’s because social media marketing is all about building relationships with others and building networks and contact lists. The sooner you get started building a good reputation in your niche, establishing yourself as an expert and building social media networks, the more you stand to gain when you fully leverage your reputation, content and networks.

So where do you start? With the some of the biggest social media sites, including:

* Web 2.0 content sites, like Squidoo. These sites let you page one-page websites around niche topics. Google tends to crawl these pages often and rank them well and they can be a real help in getting your blog indexed fast.

* Social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest are hot – people spend a lot of time there and if you build up a following you can harvest a lot of traffic from, especially if can get people to share your content. All our covert themes work really well for getting people to do just that – but Covert PinPress in particular works really well as it build on the popularity (and familiarity) of Pinterest, almost forcing people to not only view your content but also to share it with friends and thus generate free traffic for you.

* Social bookmarking sites, like Digg. These sites allow users to share and bookmark content – they can be a great tool in your viral marketing campaigns and for gaining valuable social banklinks to your blog. Our Covert Social Press theme lets you run your own fully functional social bookmarking site on WordPress.

* Online video sites, like Youtube. People spend a LOT of time watching online video and making your own videos can help you attract a lot of traffic. You could also use our Covert Video Press theme to cash on on this video craze without ever having to create your own videos.

#2: Search Engine Marketing

You can pull in traffic from the search engines in two ways:

* By ranking well for certain keywords and appearing in the organic search engine results. This is one of the many good reasons to use WordPress blogs as Google likes the blogging format and often rewards you for it

* By using pay per click marketing to appear in the search engine’s sponsored results (for example, Google AdWords).

You should add both of these tactics to your marketing toolkit. That’s because organic search engine results can provide traffic for months (and even years) after you get your pages indexed. But on the flip side, pay per click marketing allows you to get highly targeted, nearly instant traffic.

#3: Buying Ads

Yet another way to get your offers in front of eager prospects is by placing targeted ads. You can do this by online and offline, including:

* Purchasing banner and text ads on highly targeted niche sites.
* Buying ads and solo ads in highly targeted niche ezines.
* Buying blog ads.
* Buying ads in offline publications, including niche magazines and the related topics of daily newspapers.

This is collectively known as media buying and you can learn more about it in our Media Traffic Meltdown course

Which One Is Right For You?

This isn’t a matter of choosing the one tactic that provides the best results. And that’s because all three of these tactics are proven, time-tested marketing methods. They shouldn’t be used individually, but rather as part of your overall marketing strategy.

While powerful, these three main advertising methods are just the tip of the marketing iceberg. When you use these three alongside other equally powerful marketing methods, you’ll unleash a nearly unstoppable flow of quality traffic.

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18 thoughts on “Three Proven Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog, Fast!”

  1. I think you are exactly right about social media playing a big role in IM over the next few years. I have purchased your Covert Video Press product but have not had a chance to do anything with it as of yet. But I will be using it in the near future to see how it does.

  2. Social media is huge and gaining fast. I can go viral on social media long before a page or post is even gets one hit from SERP. I have given Google the finger and started going 100% social media a month or so ago and I have not looked back. I still get search traffic and I see that as a small bonus only.

  3. Hi Guys Have bought this plugin but cant work out how to make it make the noise like on this site and show the chat6 part like facebook. How did you do that with Covert
    I am using it with your covert Pinterest Theme also which awesome!!

    See demo here and you will see I have a facebook like popup but no noise and no chat showing

    1. Hey Craig. Sound is only available in the pro version of the Covert Messenger plugin. The chat I have in my CM ad on this page, is just me writing stuff in the ad like you normally would.

  4. Yes. I totally agree with everyone about the great potential of social media these days, and for the future. Those of us who are serious about learning to hone its potential will surely reap its benefits long term. I am a great advocate for social media marketing and take time to teach others to try it out the right way. I myself have purchased a lot of your covert products (and have taken all the upgraded versions) because there’s just so much I can use it for (personally as well as my clients). I never endorse anything that hasn’t worked well for me first, a matter of maintaining integrity in the industry. Good job guys on CovertStoreBuilder, CovertVideoPress, ActionBar, Messenger, and a whole lot more! Truly, you are making tools that help many of us and our students profit more effectively.

  5. Whenever I get an email from IM Wealth Builders, honestly, I don’t read it… I go straight to the link because I know their products work and they take their customers very seriously.

  6. You are the rare instance where I read about your products. My first theme I purchase was supported 110% and you have gain my confidence in your products.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. I absolutely agree.

      The CSB and CSC plugin and theme have been the ONLY ones regularly updated of those I’ve bought this past six months.

      No-one else has issued even ONE update.

      IM Wealth Builders for the win!

  7. I LOVE your products and excellent customer service! I’ll probably purchase Covert Video Theme in the next few minutes….

  8. I finally got my site up today and loaded up with products. The theme was just awesome to use. Very easy and great functionality. I’m already doing some of your traffic suggestions, so hopefully it won’t take too long for visitors to show up.

  9. Yes I believe that social media is the in thing, started since November 2012, and got a few sales. It was a good sign for me, started affiliate in 2011 doing SEO but it was such a sad experience (wasting time & money) – not a single sale until I switch over to social media since November 2012.
    Recently purchased the Covert Store Builder. This will be my theme! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for a great product.

  10. Really enjoying Covert Store Builder. This is a fantastic plugin and very easy to fill and maintain.
    Looking forward to social activity with this as well.

  11. I’m giving you a Thumbs Up, on Social Media..It is the way to go, start Networking with others..It’s a good thing..I have your Covert Action Bar Pro, just love it! Thanks guys..

  12. I just brought brought Covert Store Builder. I was reading over the tutorial chapter. I have seem some coding. Do we need to know coding in order to run this store?

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